Offsite Data Backup
  • Secure, Encrypted data storage and transfer
  • Solutions for desktops, servers, files, folders, email, and databases
  • Supported operating systems include Windows, Mac, Linux, and Novell
  • 24/7 access from anywhere to backed up data via desktop or web browser

Data Backup

Simple, Secure, Automated.

Mellon offers cost-effective solutions for data backup.  

  • Easy to work with
    Each of our agreements has a 30-day out clause with zero penalties.  We want you to be pleased.  If you are pleased with our service, we are confident you will be a customer for years to come.  
  • Business is never interrupted
    Backups run at scheduled times when you are not in the office.  The backups utilize your bandwidth, so we schedule the times to run when you are out of the office- typically overnight when no other systems are running. 
  • Software-based
    We simply load Mellon's backup client on your existing computers and/or servers.  There is no hardware to purchase, maintain, or add to your network.  Mellon technicians install and monitor the software.   
  • Replication to hardened data centers
    Your data is secured with 256-bit encryption.  It replicated to data centers in both Memphis, TN and Dallas, TX.  Our facilities have 24 x 7 x 365 security, dual diesel generators, climate controlled environments, multiple redundant fiber rings, and advanced fire suppression systems.  
  • Archiving & Retention
    Mellon will store your data for 14-days as a standard.  However, we can also keep 30-day retentions and monthly snapshots.  Think about it- if your Quickbooks file is corrupted, you can always revert back to a previous version.  
  • Immediate Access
    You can always access your data via our website.  All you need are your login credentials and an internet connection.  However, if you have a disaster or just need a single file restored, Mellon will provide you with your data for no additional fee.
  • Test Restores
    Most of our competitors simply kick off the backup and wish you luck.  With Mellon, you receive daily email notifications with confirmation of the previous night's success/failure.  We also perform manual test restores each month to ensure the data's integrity.   

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