Mellon Consulting Group, LLC is dedicated to finding the right solution for the short and long term IT needs of its clients. We specialize in Software DevelopmentOffsite Data Backup, Website Development, and Internet Marketing. Our team has a rich background with IT and Business experience with Fortune 100 companies as well as those with less than 100 employees. Through these specialties, experience, and adherence to industry standards and best practices, we are positioned to bring the right solution to our clients.

We base the right solution foremost on the client's individual profile. A client's profile not only includes how they utilize technology, but also industry specifics, business processes, and goals. This information helps us understand how an addition or change in technology will impact the client's business as a whole. This enables us to not only ensure that our proposed solution not only meets the client's budget and technology needs, but also ensures that the client's employees, customers, management, and regulatory compliance are positively impacted as well.

Mellon prides itself on tailoring our solutions to the unique qualities and needs of our clients. We also pride ourselves on consistency in our methods and practices. We focus on the following areas to ensure our solutions are adaptable, saleable, serviceable, and secure:

Project Management

Mellon's project management department is led by a Project Management Professional certified by the Project Management Institute (PMI) and our project management process is based on PMI's principals and standards.

Information Security Standards

Mellon is a member of the Information Systems Security Association and has vast experience with enterprise level security in programming, hosting, and data storage. Our portfolio includes financial and healthcare institutions as well as large eCommerce retailers, which demand strict compliance to HIPPA, PCI, SAS70/SSAE16, and SOX standards and requirements.

Software Development

Mellon brings enterprise level software development processes to even its smallest solutions. We program in a three tiered environment that isolates development, testing, and production systems. All three environments are access controlled, version controlled, and backed up daily. Mellon's programmers follow industry standard best practices for syntax, structure, commenting, and data interaction.

Software and Process Testing

Mellon fully tests the software it develops. Testing is done in a phased process that begins with our developers self-testing components they build before submitting these components for testing by Mellon's team of dedicated testers. The test team then performs regression testing of the software solution as a whole to ensure new and existing components are not negatively impacted by each other. Finally, the client is asked to test the software solution and report any aspect of the software that does not meet expectations.


Mellon employs professional technical writers to document all aspects of project management, processes & procedures, requirements, test scripts, and training materials. Also, programmers follow formal commenting standards so that source code documentation is clear and consistent.


Mellon realizes that an IT solution is worthless if users do not know how to properly use it. Often without training, users will avoid an IT solution all together. That's why we not only create training materials for reference by the end user, we also offer remote and onsite training for individuals, groups, and those that will train others in the future.

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