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Recently, search engine algorithms are putting more weight towards links around the web.  Search engines see such links as a vote of confidence.  However, not all links are weighted equally.  Your options for getting top listing are either Organic Marketing (creating a lot of high quality content based on these algorithms) or Pay-Per-Click Marketing (paying a search engine for top listing).   Mellon manages both.  Our services are extremely price competitive and we provide the analytics to show you the bang-for-your-buck. 

According to a 2011 Marketing Sherpa Report, 64% of marketers have begun integrating social media into their search marketing efforts.

In December of 2010, both Google and Bing confirmed that links shared through Facebook or Twitter have a direct effect on search engine rankings. But one phrase that was continually brought up through the entire interview with Danny Sullivan of Search Engine Land was “Author/Social Authority,” suggesting that it’s not the quantity, but rather the quality of a tweet or share that has an impact on SEO rankings.

Utilize one of the most effective media for reaching a global audience. Social media naturally brings subsections of this global audience with like interests to the same place. Take advantage of the power of social media to get interested customers in contact with your business through Facebook, Twitter, blogs, and YouTube. We can set you up and maintain the information that you want expressed.


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